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Value in knowing the terrain.

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Who is The Gyde Group?

The Gyde Group is a unique firm that was created to leverage the vast CPG experience of our people. Our in-house expertise and capital allow us to create and fully manage a successful portfolio of brands.

We are careful not to be typecast as a “broker” or a “private equity” firm. While we do share similar traits with both, we are neither. Instead, The Gyde Group is a cross functional team of seasoned professionals with broad CPG expertise. It would be fair to say that we are a sweat equity firm with our own capital.

How we work

The Gyde Group is focussed on working in three ways:

  1. Utilizing our expertise to grow brands we own or control
  2. Acquire or partner with growth potential brands
  3. Exclusive, open-ended licensing agreements with brands

Regardless of the path taken, we seek opportunities in categories where we can add innovation or deliver disruptive options. This approach has quickly materialized into a strong portfolio that will continue to grow.


Our goal

Our goal is to achieve profitable portfolio growth by identifying market opportunities and aggressively meeting those opportunities — using our expertise.

Who we work with

We strive to have a positive impact on the lives of all those we touch. In return, we expect those that we work with to have a positive impact on our lives. We only work with retailers, partners and team members with a mutual desire to positively impact each other’s lives.

How we started

Prior to The Gyde Group’s formation, our partners possessed not only years of CPG experience but also experience with product development, manufacturing and other CPG related services. When combined, The Gyde Group was uniquely positioned for both vertical and horizontal growth.



There’s no profit in aimless wandering.

We know the terrain.

Like a seasoned guide, we’ve been there. We’ve turned challenging journeys into rewarding adventures, traversed many terrains, set a proper basecamp, and used our insight to plot a course. Sure it’s an adventure, so plans change. We expect that. But we’re always looking around the bend with one destination in mind: deliver successful products to shoppers’ homes.


We’ve made the trek many times.

The team at The Gyde Group is skilled and passionate, but it's our experience that puts us on point for your product’s success. We’ve made the trek many times, representing brands, developing branded and private label items for retail and traveling the retail design path.



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